Tuesday, October 11, 2005

..a witch for Halloween....

Finally the sun......

We have just taken Alice to the fair she is very happy...and very dirty of spun shugar!!!!

Some weeks ago I have borroed a book from the library called:"Fairys ,wizards and witches...."

it is a manual that teach how to make dolls.Saturday I started a witch...this will be my Halloween manufacture!!!
Saturday I've chose the pattern to use (I will use one pattern I've boughtlast wednesday)...and I went to the shop to buy all the things i missed!!I've bought a beautifull pair of scissors that cuts the pattern zigzaggy...It's a long time that I would like to buy it and now i have do that!! :)
I've decide to modify the original dool, instead of the plain pattern for the dress i decide to use a piece of black Aida where I'm going to stitch some Halloween design:I choose some free design of Lizzie Kate i like very much her style!!!
For the witch hair I have used orange raffia instead of an hair pattern(i didn't find it!!!)
On sunday and on monday i've cut, machine-stitch,stuff and glue...yesterday evening my witch shown up like that...I'm very satisfied of that result

...I hope to finish her as soon as possible!!! (also my husband loves her!!!It's a miracle!!!)

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Danielle said...

Your doll is too cute!! I have a book on making animal dolls, but I am not sure I will attempt it anytime soon!