Monday, October 17, 2005


Since my daughter was ill, we stayed at home all the week end and I take advantage of it for writing my graduation thesis....I wrote only a this rate I will finish it next year (I have to finish it before the end of November!!!)...

I applied myself to cross stitching on Saturday on Sunday evening when Alice was sleeping and my husband was watching football championship (When his favourite team play he is untraceable !!!)….I stitched the cat tail and the blue floor….I found an error in the stitch I have done some days ago so I split all the wrong cross…what a damned nuisance!!

During the lunch break I went to the library and I took on loan Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby a friend of mine has said it’s wonderful…we shall see about that!!!

Today I received a fabric of the RR I taking part in…the theme is heart of Savoir-Faire Vailly I have to decide what heart I will stitch…I waver between:

I will decide…I have time until the end of November!!

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Zohrah said...

The 1st one as it looks sweet. Unless you are stitching with Xmas mood then the 2nd one would be another great choice.