Saturday, December 30, 2006

...last happy dance of 2006…

I would like to show you the last happy dance for 2006: Somebunny to love from The last number of the world of Cross Stitching.

I stitch it on a piece of Aida I have hand dyed with English Breakfast tea…this was the first I hand dyed a fabric and I love the end results. I finished it in a little pillow made following the instruction on Bea website…I’m very satisfied of my work even if It’s quite crooked ;o)

I finished also the winter peace piece making a wall panel…also this is very crooked :o(

Before Christmas I finished the cat from MS (free kit from Cross Stitcher) and I fix it on my
refrigerator ….it’s a great ornaments for Christmas…

An other year is gone…since this is an x-stitch blog it’s time for an x-stitch balance:
12 piece for me o for some friend
10 flip it stamp (I hope to finish the rest ASAP)
6 exchange piece (3 mail art)
2 piece for charity project
3 piece for Round Robin
Grand Total: 33 piece (all small and medium size)…since I started blogging I increase my “x-stitch production“…you and your comments are a great spur :o) Thank you very much!!
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Selamat Hari Natal
Joyeux Noël
Feliz Navidad
Gelukkig Kerstfeest
Hyvää joulua
god jul

Saturday, December 09, 2006

...Christmas spirit....

The last week was very chaotic and the next one will be the same so regrettably no time to post ….I hope Christmas holiday will arrive soon….to relax myself at home with my family for some days….

Yesterday by Immaculate Conception tradition I and Alice have made the Christmas tree and the crib….there is a Christmas spirit about…
...the Christmas tree is the same of the last year apart from some new ornaments bought in London and the white light I bought yesterday because the coloured one were broken…

…the crib is new…this year we used cork to make the characters…Alice has this original idea…and we make it together …

On Thursday we had Alice’s birthday party, now she is six…..There were 18 children at the party, we organized a treasure hunt and we have a lot of food ….but what a mess!!! … some tears apart( for the piques of a friend) Alice enjoy herself and this is the most important thing :o)!!

The first test of my state exam is gone well :o)…now I’m waiting for the results of the second one….next Monday I’ll have the third part, keep your’s finger crossed for me ;o)

Now some x-stitch progress….
I finished my October flip-it and I start the November one….I’m quite late but I hope to finish all my flip it by the end of December…

I have also finished a little card for my sister degree that took place last Tuesday…I choose a Margaret Sherry degree cat….I love this chart the cat is cute…I made the backstitch with black instead of brown as recommended in the chart for a mistake I notice that I used the wrong colour too late and I’m too lazy too made all the back stitch an other time with the right colour ;o)

Now I’m working on the MS Inquisitive kitty kit free with the last cross stitcher by now I stitched only the face…I think I’ll use it as a decoration for our front door…
Have a nice week :o)

Friday, November 17, 2006

...EMS Italian Mail art Exchange&MSRR....

Yesterday I received this wonderful autumnal envelope from Bea for the EMS Italian Mail art exchange…this is the first time a received the stitched envelope without a paper envelope as a protection and it’s marvellous…my mum an Alice DD pick up the envelope and they were so amazed that they immediately phone me thrilled to tell me I have received a beautiful autumnal x-stitch envelope…I like the Lizzie&Kate design she had chosen and the gift she send me a DMC variations skeins and a lovely bookmark…thank you very much Bea :o)

Last Monday I finished also the Hen for Janaina fabric of MS RR..this is the first time I stitched a chart twice (one in January for Alice and one now for Janaina) but I enjoy it….the only problem with MS chart is the back stitch... I hate backstitch but for MS chart this is a necessary evil :o)…it was really worth it!!!

My renovation is slow at the moment…my new house seems like a Gruyère :o)
Thank you very much for your comment on my Garfield…
Have a nice week end :o)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

...Back from London...

We are back…London is a marvellous city…I like it very much!!! We were very lucky we have all sunny days….very cold (a you can see from our outfit)but sunny :o)….We walked walked walked to see as much place as we can (I like the view, the parks and the market (Portobello is great!!!) …at the end of the journey we fell done in but happy :o)

I gave me a little x-stitch present from London: the magazine Cross Stitch Favourite…I try to buy also X-Stitch Crazy and Quick And Easy Cross Stitch but unfortunately I didn’t find it ….sob :o(

Before we set out on our journey to London I finished Winter Peace for the SAL of Sister and Best Friend group….this was the first time I use charms to finish my work…and I’m quite satisfied by the end results even if the linen is quite dark and the colours don’t stand out….never mind!!

Now I’m working hard on Janaina Fabric for MS RR to finish my Hen(Fun Farm Animals) before the 15th of November.

The renovations of my home proceed…I have same photos to share:

The bathroom

The new little bathroom

Alice's bedroom

Our bedroom

Sunday, October 29, 2006


A very quick post to show you my Garfield Sagittarius for Levistrix charity project finished:

And my progress on Winter Peace SAL (deadline 31 October…):

this photo show you my great mistake of this week….I screw up to stitch the curve line over the snowmen and I notice it at this (show in the photo) moment of the stitching…I have to undo all my stitch…sig…sob

Have a nice week end!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

....Still Alive....

I'm still alive ;o) with some photos to share...

First of all x-stitch update..

The first x-stitching deadline of this month is done: the autumn envelope for the EMS Italian Mail art Exchanged is done and Blinne has already received it. I choose a San Man Original old freebies (no longer available) and I put in the envelope some supplies and some Halloween sweets for Blinne’s sons.

Now I’m working on the second October deadline…The Sagittarius of Garfield Zodiac for Levistrix Charity Project…I had to finish it by the end of october.

Then I have to stitch by the end of October the October Flip-it for the Dolci Fusa Blocs Club SAL and Winter Peace by Sister and Best Friend...mission impossible..we will see ;o)

Other news:

About the State Exam…I’m studying unwillingly…but I’m studying ;o)

About the renovations of my new home….the works run smoothly… last week I took some photos (I have few photos because the bricklayer gave me such a look I stopped to take them…maybe tomorrow I will take more photos) here you can see the outward appearance of the house (my flat is on the second floor), my destroyed kitchen and my living room….

Thank you for all your kind and encouragement comments….
Have a nice week end :o)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

...EMS Secret Pal Exchange....

This is a very busy period: I have thousand things to do at work, we are remodelling our new house :o) so we are busy with bricklayers, hydraulic and electrician, I have to study for my State exam that will be at the end of November :o(, I have a lot of x-stitch deadline and I hope I won’t miss anything and on top of all this we have organized a little trip to London for next month… so I’ll have a few time to update my blog and to read yours…:o(

A quick post to show you the marvellous gift I received from Margaret for EMS Secret Pal exchange …she choose Home as theme…perfect for my actual occupation ;o) She sent me a neddle case , an home kit and an hand towel with a home border…I love all of them Thank you Meg-r!!!

And this is my gift for Dunia 77 for the same exchange

Happy stitching to everyone :o)

Friday, September 22, 2006

...MS bird...

Finally I download the photo of my last stitching: the purple bird with mobile of 12 days of Christmas by MS…here you can see the bird before the back stitch...

I need a little help: I would like to add animoticons/smiles to my post, can you help me?

Have a nice week end :o)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

...Blog first Birthday... year ago I started this blog…

Thank you to all people who read my blog and leave some comments... you make me happy :o) …and you are a spur to stitch ;o)

Thank you very much!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

..some photos...

Alice had a great first day at school with a conjurer show…they had a lot of fun…now it is hard for her (and for me) to get up so early but we hold on ;o)
I didn’t organize anything for her first day unfortunately I stayed at work all the afternoon :o(

I have some progress to share…I’m quite late with the post but the dilemma was to stitch or to post and I choose to stitch … In those evening DH was employed to read ELDEST by Paolini so I have all the evening free…for my stitching ;o)
A little progress on my winter Peace SAL…

and my Sunday progress on the MS bird for Nima’s fabric in MS RR…yesterday evening I finished the x-stitch an I start the back stitch but unfortunately I have no time to take a photo…

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

...Pout Pourry...

First of All…thank you very much of all your comments on Alice’s work …we are very happy for your congratulations messages!! For the moment she has not decided to start a new project ….as soon as she will start a new one I’ll show you!!

Overwhelming victory of beige linen !!! (7-0)
Thank you for all your advices on my SAL fabric!!

The SAL started last Sunday and this is my current progress…this is very small progress but I have had not much time to stitch in those days….

I would like to show you an other x-stitch progress (I stitched on it last Friday waiting for the starting of the SAL) …the cow of MS fun farm animal …

Last week I also finished my September flip it...

Yesterday I received my MS Calendar with the178 issue of Cross Stitcher…it’s marvellous!!! And the next issue will be fantastic…there will be some cute Christmas chart I’m itching to received it!!

I received also the November issue of the World of Cross Stitching …at last I take mysubscription to this magazine on monday I received also the subscription gift: a Country Companion kit :o)….well in this issue I like the second Peekaboo kids by Deborah Flynn (in my MUST STITCH LIST) and Wordsworth the cat...

There is a lot of Christmas chart…unfortunately I won’t have enough time to stitch anything Christmassy :o(

Tomorrow Alice will have her first day at Primary School ….what excitement!!!