Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hi girls...I'm back from two weeks of vacation at Pinarella beach (very relaxing ) and from two month far from blogging ……I need some time to accustom to the new home rhythm away from my parents' house …moreover I had to wait for my internet connection at home (it took a long time )…but now I'm ready for a new working year (I'm still thinking in schoolar year instead of calendar one)…

…I slept on post but I stitched enough

Lets follow a chronological order

- in June I stitched this Newton to make a cover for my cutter.

- last July I started the Sailing Mice by Margaret Sherry of the July issue of Cross Stitcher to make curtain a for my bathroom. I finished them last week… and I'm quite satisfied by the end result ….the mice fit well with my orange bathroom!!!

- In July I stitched also a needleroll for Carol's birthday, I choose a chart called Summer charm from the July issue of Cross Stitcher, I used the DMC linen treads instead of the listed one…Carol loved it even if she tell me she had never seen one so big…ops...I've never seen a finished needleroll and I choose the measure by myself maybe I exaggerated …

- to take a break from the linen of the Sailing Mice ( I don't like very much linen) I stitched this Peekaboo kids by Deborah Flynn from issue n. 125 of The world of Cross Stitching

- when I finished the mice I stitch the wizard of SAL with Zohrah and Jenna and this is my current progress

- on Monday evening I decided to start a new chart the Archie “Messy Spaghetti” of CrossStitcher September 2006

Have a nice week