Monday, January 30, 2012

..cosa farò nel 2012...

poi continuerò a fare un LO per settimana per il mio 52 week album..quello dell'anno scorso mi è piaciuto troppo e ho iniziato un nuovo aj Happy Week sull'idea di Tobina dell'anno scorso...fa bene trovare una cosa felice al giorno..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whatever and Whatnot Jan 15th

I decided to take part in "A Year in the life of an art journal" with a dedicated at journal made with play card...
THE PROMPT is: Word: I chose ATTENZIONE- ATTENTION because I decided to pay more attention to me, to me family, to what I'm doing...I always think about the next thing I have to do not paying attention to the present.
THE STUFF: Imagery: I used an image found on an IKEA family magazine with flower (you have to pay attention to make them grow) and coffee (attention to myself)
THE TECHNIQUE: PAINT/DOODLE as usual I use paint in my this is the cover: