Friday, April 27, 2007

...Bithday gift...

Today I found this marvellous gift from Carol in my mail box…last Friday was my birthday and Carol tell me she sent me a gift... unfortunately Italian mail aren’t very quick (to tell the true I think they are the slowest of the world ) so the mail take 3 weeks from US to Italy…but finally it arrives and it’s a great surprise…she send me this lovely scissor fob (sorry for the quality of the photo but I have few time to make it) the bunny is very cute and the finishing is perfect and there is a wonderful butterfly embellishment on the top left corner...very very beautiful Thank you very much Carol!!! this is a great gift..

A little finishing for me this week...after the pig I decided to start something small and i choose this Margaret Sherry cat from my stash..I think it's cute don't you?

In italy 1st of May is national holiday... tomorrow I'll go to the seaside for some days i hope to relax myself (and forget the stress of the house moving) have a nice week end

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

....still alive...

A quick post to tell you I’m still alive…this is a terrible busy period: at work there are thousand
things to do and I’ve started my house moving…I’m very happy my house is almost ready and we will move there soon (I’ll show you some photos sooner or later)

I would like to show you my last finishing: Pig Must Fly by Margaret Sherry….This word fit perfectly with my conditions!!! I’m not completely satisfied by the end results there is a lot of mistakes and imprecision due to the fact I used 3 strand of treads for the pink part as suggested on the magazine….awful choice