Monday, October 24, 2005

…A good week-end...

The past week-end was really good!!!

First I finished my CATAFIDDLE:
(Since I’ve so little time to post my images I‘ll post all my progress this time)
The fruit of Thursday evening work:

I stitched some white and grey(I run out the DMC)…and some outline
The fruit of Friday evening work:

I bought DMC 762 and I completed all the cat tummy and the cat outline …I make the bow and the outline of violin…..and I ironed all the work…I was really satisfied!!!
On Saturday morning I got up early to work on the musician folder and finished it before the departure for Trento. I cut the square for the cat in the cardboard, then I lined the cardboard with some sheet music I’ve antiqued painting it with coffee. I lined the angle of the cardboard with a blue cloth to protect it from the wearing effect of time.
Using the bio-adhesive tape I attached the aida in the square and I put up in three sides of the folder some blue and beige ribbon to allow my sister to close it and to avoid to lose all the paper she’ll put in it!!! Then I covered the back of the folder with a blue paper and I lined the spine of the folder with the same blue cloth I used to cover the angle. I left it under a press all the Saturday and the Sunday…Yesterday evening I unearthed it and gave it to my sister as a present…she was thrilled…I was really glad to have make her happy(she is quite sad in this period!)

Second we went to Trento:

We visited some friends of us that some years ago moved there to work…they are a couple of our age with a one year child Samuele. A month ago they moved in a larger house…a really nice house…I would like to have a house all ours!!!(now we live in my parent’s mansard…)We enjoyed our day in Trento, Saturday we visited the city…a really lovely city…

in the evening we had a tasty dinner with "polenta".On Sunday we visited Segonzano Pyramid

truly strange and interesting…they look like those of “Willie coyote”

At the end it is a very good week end!!!

Now I have to decide what to stitch now? I have to stitch the heart for the RR or to start something new……mumble mumble…

On Thursday I received the October number of Cross Stitcher (now in England is coming out the November one :( ) ….there is Archie Bear in the bath…this design will be perfect to complete the square empty(a girl has withdrawn) of my “RR Nostro” cloth ….