Saturday, October 15, 2005

... little witch...

Yesterday I finished the embroidery on the dress: I stitched two pumpkins, a witch hat, 3 stars and the moon….I used only four colours to avoid doing a witch harlequin!!!!!

This morning I slipped the dress on the witch body, stuffed the shoes and stitched on the whiskers to the cat …..and my little witch is finished!! I’m satisfied with what I have made….Alice loves the doll very much, she put the witch on her night table!!!

I have seen a nice Halloween pattern titled Meg and Mog on it seems really simple but I like it.. the owl looks like PLOP a character of Alice’s book….I would like to buy it…I’ll think about it!!!

I would like to show you where my little city is…

Reggio Emilia is a little city in the north of Italy (near Bologna), placed in the Po valley with an awful climate!!! It’s Sultry in Summer …It’s cold and foggy in Winter…Autumn and Spring are rather wet….It’s a bijou!! Italian flag was born here on 1797 and we are the home of Parmesan (the cheese)!!!

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