Wednesday, March 28, 2007

...With the heart....

This is “With the Heart ” exchange week...the exchange has been organised by Pimpi and Vale
On Monday I received the piece that Argante has stitched for me…she made this lovely pincushion I love the colour she used this blue nuance is marvellous…thank you very much Argante

On Tuesday Marina received the needleroll I stitch for her…I choose a free design by Barbara Ana, I love this patchwork heart and the stars... This is my first needleroll I liked to make it, it was very amusing!! I have followed this instructions, thank you very much to the author they are very clear and useful!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

...Easter bunnies...

Yesterday evening I finished the Easter ornaments I have told you in the previous post... I saw this lovely bunnies for the first time in Marina’s blog and I fall in love…I know I have to make them so I search for the source of inspiration and I found the instructions in Fiorella’s blog …I search the fabric and the stuffing and I start my work…and this is the end result…

Monday, March 26, 2007

...I'm back...

I’m back from two terrible weeks at work...I hope there will be a calm period now….
Winter is back ….It has been raining for 2 days and it’s very cold…
In the last week I didn’t post anything but I stitch and sew a lot to relax myself after those stressing working days …so some x-stitch update

First of all I finished the Peekaboo kid …she is nice doesn’t she? In next issue of TWOCS there will be an other kid of the series I’m itching to see and stitch her

The original idea was to frame the peekaboo kid and to put it in Alice’s room…the problem is that Alice doesn’t like the design because the girl hasn’t her eyes…so I change my mind and I use the fabric to make a bag to store my swimsuits…this chart is perfect for the seaside

I finished also the curious cat fabric…I made a little bag to store my socks…very useful

Now (as Melissa received her fabric) I can show you also my x-stitching on Melissa’s fabric for the MS RR…I stitched the duck of 12 days of Christmas….a good training to improve my French knots technique (about 50 French knots done )

Last week I worked on the Heart Exchange organized by Vale and Simo…I send my finished piece to my partner last Saturday I’ll show you a photo as soon as it will reach its new home…

This is my last Wednesday progress for Wizard SAL…I stitch the word wizard
Last week I started a new project Pig must fly by Margaret Sherry and this is my current wip
Yesterday I applied myself sewing some Easter ornaments I hope to show you my end results soon ( I plan to finish it this evening)

Thank you very much for your kind comments on my curious cat they are very appreciated
Have a nice week

Saturday, March 10, 2007

...Curious cat and friends...

A review of my stitching week…my DH went skiing with his father all this week so I’m alone with Alice DD and when she goes to bed I stitch....

Sunday and Monday evening was dedicated to curious cat …and this is the end result:

The silkweaver lemon sparkling fabric is perfect for this chart and save me from the yellow cross stitch in one strand if I had to make all this half cross stitch point I’ll never finish it!! I think I’ll finish it in a little bag to store my stockings

Tuesday was an ironing evening…

Wednesday evening (only 15 minutes) was dedicated to computer wizard SAL…I stitch only some black x:

On Thursday I start a new project…I decide to stitch “A day at the beach” of the series Peekaboo kids by Deborah Flynn from The World of Cross Stitching n. 115, anno 2006…I love this little design…I would like to stitch all the series (hoping that the magazine will publish other design as they said) and frame it in the IKEA little frame…to fit the frame size I choose aida 16 but I think it’s quite small …

Yesterday evening a little stitching form me only some xxx on the little girl

Have a nice week end

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Today it seems like spring there are 20°C we stay outside all the day and tomorrow my DH will go skiing…the weather this year is very strange...

A great news my MS RR fabric is back. My theme was Archie Bear and this is the end result… I love very much my fabric it’s wonderful

Since the fabric has a strange shape I decide to take it to the framer, I choose a blue frame I’m itching to see the end result.

This week I stitch the last part of Melissa fabric and this morning I send it to her…I’ll post a photo my work as soon as she will receive it.

I enjoy this RR…thank you to all my RR friend for her work and friendship.

Other x-stitch update

This is my last progress for the Wednesday Wizard Sal with the coloured chart it’s a pleasure to stitch on this pattern…I finished the hat with the star attached and I start the word “Wizard”

This is a card I sent Jenn for her birthday …This is a pattern by Barbara Barret from issue 182 of Cross Stitcher…usually I don’t like flower chart but when I saw this one I think it is very cute and original…so I stitch it (since this chart come from my stash I can consider it my first finished piece for the 25 pieces challenge)

This is my current progress on Curious cat I have to finish it to carry out my objectives…after a evening of stitch I have almost finished the boot…how many green….I hope to finish it this week so that I‘ll start a new project…