Thursday, July 27, 2006

...RR NOSTRO completed....

A quick post between two holidays period …. Yes I’ll be on holiday for the next two weeks :O)

I would like to show you my JJ birdhouses for Vale’s cloth ...

and the finished piece with all the six birdhouses….I think it’s a very good work :o)

I received my August number of Cross Stitcher (I like Archie bear and the liliput lane cottage)

with the wonderful book of Margaret Sherry….

luckily I have only the charts of 12 Days of Christmas and all the other are new for me….a very great gift!!!

Have some nice week!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

...Once again&x stitch...

Allow me to celebrate our win once again!!
Here 2 photos of Alice DD on Sunday evening after the match!!

I would like to show you my progress on Vale’s cloth of RR NOSTRO….I’ll bring it with me this week and I hope to finish it!!

Some purchases for me:
A new magnet for my refrigerator…I bought it in a Argentine shop of my city…I think it’s adorable, don’t you?

and 2 pins of the Imperfect Back Stitching Club founded by Levi. This is a perfect club for the back of my stitching…It’s quite imperfect, also my DH has noticed it :o(

Next week I’ll be on Holiday with my family at Pinarella….I’m happy I need some holiday!!!!
Have a nice week end and an happy week!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Saturday, July 08, 2006

...go Italy!!...

Go Italy!!!
We are all in an anxious wait of the world cup final between Italy and France….Go Italy!!!!Go…Go…Go
My June flip it is done!! Better late than never ;o)

Thank you very much for all your kind comment an Alice frame and on my pig!!
Have a nice week end!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

...Germany World Cup & Pig...

Waiting for the semi-final of Germany World Cup game between Italy and Germany… Go Italy!!!!

In 1982 the last time Italy won World Championship I was 1 years old and I have no memory of that win so that year would be perfect for a new one!! I hope so :o)

It pass a long time from my latest post but I’m very busy at work we have a deadline next July 15th so there is a lot of work to do…

Well X-stitch…
First of all I’m very happy to show you my RR NOSTRO’s cloth completed!!!

I received the cloth from Veronica last week and after re-stitching the B and the E (read the story of this letter here) I frame it!! Alice is my frame maker…she paint a Ikea wood frame with blue then she make the white foam with a bath sponge…she make a very good work!!! I’m very satisfied of the end result!!

I have to thank: Annarita our mum to have organized our RR, Vale, Paola e Graziella my Italian partner and a special thanks to Veron!c@ who stitchs Archie in the empty square. Thank you very much this will be a memorable experience :o)

We spent the last week end in our Caravan in Pinarella so I would like to bring with me a little project (I have to finish my June Flip it but the cloth is too big) so I choose my MS bag (Curious cat and Farm animal)…I work hard on my pig and I finished it!!! A little happy dance for me!!! I’m happy my latest finishing was all Lizzie kate flip it and I have to say I was quite unmotivated…

This is how my June flip it stand now….i hope to finish it soon!!!

Have a nice week and go Italy!!!!!