Monday, April 17, 2006

...Easter happy dance...

Yesterday we spend an enjoyable Easter in Secchio a little village of Reggio Emilia’s mountain where my father was born….the weather was fantastic... a wonderful spring day!!!

After Easter Mass all people get together to play “COCCINO” this is an Easter tradition... here how it works:

  • every people put a coloured hard –boiled egg into a line
  • all people form a circle
  • the game leader distributes one egg each
  • the first people knock with his egg on rival egg….
  • the winner is the egg undamaged …
  • the winner wins the broken egg and carry on his work with an other rival egg….

Yesterday was my lucky day :o) …I get a good haul…

now we have to eat all that eggs….the problem is I hate hard-boiled eggs :o(

An Easter Happy Dance for me….I stitch the MS Archie free kit from Cross Stitcher April issue for a friend birthday …..

she likes the box with Archie I made for her…

and I like to stitch Archie it’s very pleasant I prefer Archie rather than Tatty teddy….stitching the first one is easier!!

Thanks for all your kind comments on my RR...It will be a perfect picture for my bathroom...

For vEr0n!c@ it's wonderful when an RR came home and an empty square is very bad...I’m very happy if you want to stitch Archie bear on my RR cloth…let me know if you are still interested….mail me at this address

Thursday, April 13, 2006

...RR&Easter&April flip it...

Yesterday my RR NOSTRO cloth is come home!!! And it’s really wonderful!!! I have to thank all my RR partners they made my cloth marvellous… I have to stitch an other BATHTIME design to complete the cloth ( a girl left the RR) …

I have chosen MS’s Hello Archie of Cross Stitcher November issue…. I hope to start it soon…

A little Happy Dance for me…I complete my April Flip it I like very much the colour of this stamp….but the next time I’ll stitch a Lizzie Kate pattern I’ll use the special threads instead of DMC threads I think the end results would be better…
The first row of my cloth is completed….take part in a SAL is very useful to complete all the pattern…if I stitch it to myself I have left it some month ago…

I would like to make some Eggies like those of San, unfortunately I have only felt colours unsuitable with the Eggies colours (we can sew only alien chick!! :o)) so Alice DD suggest to sew some Easter Egg…and this is the results:

The orange one is our first creation…it’s quite rickety …the violet one is better :o)

Thank you for all the kind comment on my exchange piece…yesterday I received a lovely Easter card from Danielle with a letter to complete her exchange box…She is very kind a perfect exchange partner!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

...SBEBB Spring exchange...

Danielle has received the Spring exchange piece I have made for her…. I stitch for her and she stitch for me.... it’s very strange but very amusing!!! I send her Spring Grass floss by Gentle art… and she sends me Spring Grass floss by Gentle art :o) lol!!!

Well I stitch for her a Bent Creek design “Spring Soapbox”…

I change the disposal of the box to adapt the design to the photo album cover…and I add the word THINK SPRING to the original design….I make a photo album cover using a spring blue pattern as the linen I used for the stitching....I’m happy because Danielle loves my work and the goodies I send her…

At the end my first SBEBB exchange is a wonderful experience …so I think I will take part in a lot other exchanges!!!

I would like to show you what a wonderful blanket Levistrix and her friens have made with all the clown design we made for CLOWN CHARITY PROJECT…I think the children that will receive it will love it very much!!!

Have a good week end!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

…Sring Exchange&March Flip it&SBQ…

Today I find a wonderful surprise in my mail box…my Spring Exchange piece from Danielle….I open the box and WOW …It’s full of beautiful goodies:

First of all two wonderful Spring ornaments really creative and well finished I love it very much…then a lot of gift some chocolate eggs, 3 Gentle Art Sampler Threads (the colours are those of Italian flag), Two Self Stick Notes in Spring Colours nice and useful and a fantastic Lizzie&Kate chart “Spring Things” with an embellishment pack…..I love all!!! Thank you very much Danielle you spoil me!!!…this the first exchange piece I have received and I’m as happy as a lark!!!

Yesterday evening I finished my March Flip-it….now I'm ready for April!!!

Today's SBQ is:

Do you stitch "on the go?" (On the commute to and from work, during your lunch break, waiting for the kids, etc.) If so, do you have a specific "travel" project or do you just grab whatever you happen to be working on and take it with you?

No I don’t stitch "on the go"…I have no opportunity to do so... I go to work with car, and I have a lunch time very short so no chance…but if I can do it I think I’ll take with me a little project with few floss…

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

...still alive...

Hi to everyone :o) as usual I’m not very diligent with my post…but this is a chaotic
period…and the future wouldn’t be better :o( I have to take my state exam to became an engineer at the end of may so I have to study… what a drag!!

After all my complaint about the weather… Spring finally arrived!! And it’s wonderful!!! The temperature is perfect!!! The trees are full of pink and white flowers WOW!!! I like this season…we can spend a lot of time out in the garden …thanks to this wonderful days Alice learns to ride a bicycle (this is the bicycle of my DH when he was a child and it works perfectly!!)….she is pleased with herself :o) good for her!!

Today a dear friend has took her degree so last week I decide to stitch a Tatty Teddy card for her (she likes Tatty Teddy very much) as chance would have it I start stitching very late so this morning I got up at an ungodly hour to finish the backstitching of the teddy (it’s a very hard work!!)….I finish it just on time to go work….it was really worth it!!! My friend loves the card very much!!! This is my first Tatty Teddy I like the end result but how many grey!! :o) at the end I couldn’t discern different grey shade….

Last week I read Howl’s Moving Castle book by Diana Wynne Jones….it’s marvellous!!! It’s even better of the movie….I read it in one go!!! I advise it!!!

Last week I received my April Cross Stitcher….my to do list:
  • Relax with Archie (by Margaret Sherry)….for me
  • Exclusive: Yo Yo Baby bliss….for a new baby (when HE/SHE will arrive :o)

Thank you very much for all your comment on my envelope….

For Kris I closed my envelope with two button as you can see in the second photo, Blinne’s envelope instead is closed with press-stud. My envelope’s original measure were 15x15 centimeters but I’m not very clever with the sewing machine so they changed a little bit :o) You can find some instruction here made by BeaPer Kris : per chiudere la mia busta ho usato due bottoni come puoi vedere dalla foto, Blinde invece ha usato dei bottoncini automatici invisibili sul davanti. Le misure originali della mia busta dovevano essere 15x15 cm…purtroppo non sono un mago alla macchina da cucire così le misure sono leggermente cambiate :o)Puoi trovare alcune istruzioni quisul sito di Bea

For Carol and Malaika maybe I could try a “mystery”…if the designer is one of my favourite…a question: where I can find a "mystery" ?