Saturday, February 25, 2006

...February Flip it...

I can’t believe….I make an order in UK last Tuesday and yesterday I found the whole of the order in my mail box!!! Wonderful!! I bought some supply for the exchange I have joined so I can’t show anything but there is s a lot of lovely thing!!!

Also the floss I ordered in US arrive this week at last!!! So now I have all the thing I ordered !! WOW :o)

Yesterday evening I finished February Flip it stamp!!! On time for once!! Now I’m ready to start March Flip it ….

With the floss and the fabric I ordered finally yesterday I started my Touching the Autumn Sky…a little progress form me (after one and the half hour of stitching)…the colour are lovely I’m itching to work on it again..

This week end I’m going to clean the house down …by now I have clean only the bathroom the rest of the house is a disaster so I have to roll up my sleeves…

Thank you for all your kind comment on my hand towel, my partner in EMS exchange wtite me to tell me that she likes the hand towel!!! So I'm happy!!!

For Africa this is a kitchen towel...

Good week end to everyone :o)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

...EMS hand towel exchange....

My hand towel has reached its new home so I can show you a photo of it:

I stitch an Alma Lynne flower border I like the colour of it!!

Unfortunately the girl who received the hand towel hasn’t post any comments about it I hope she likes it!!

..happy dance &SBQ...

I’m ill, yesterday I had a temperature of 39°C so I’m at I’m better apart a sore throat…I take advantage of it to take a rest!!

A big happy dance for me!!
I work hard this week end to finish the clown and send it to Levi!! It was very big..too big!! I broke also a needle, it never happens to me before!!!

Well I finished it and I’m really happy…I don’t like to spent all my free time stitching...but I was late, next time I have to be more organized!!

On Sunday Alice make her first x-stitch…she was happy of it and show her work to everyone !!!

Finally I bought the fabric to start my Mirabilia I went to my LNS and bought a light blue linen it is not quite what I want but I ‘m satisfied and now I can start stitching!!!

Last week's SBQ was suggested by Heather and is:

Comment on your comments (giving and receiving): Do you love comments
or hate them? Do you check them every day, never check them, or find
them helpful? And finally, are you convinced no one is reading your
blog if you don't get any?

I love comments!!! Both sent and received!! I download them on my mail I can read them as soon as they arrive!! I like every kind of comments: short or long comments I find a lot of them really helpful to improve my technique and learn new stitching method!! Usually I post short comments because of I haven’ a lot of time to do so, I post it on my work break, but I think other stitcher likes comments (as me) even if they are short.
I I don’t get any I don’t think anyone read my blog because I have a counter and the number of visitors increase so I think someone read my blog but don’t post comment for a lot of reason…sometimes I read blog but I don’t post anything because I haven’t anything to say.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Hi to everyone….

In those days I’m working hard on my clown to finish it until 21 February when I have to send it to Levi I’m quite late due to the delay of the order I have done…the floss aren’t at my home yet and to finish my clown I buy it here in Italy!!! What a nuisance!!! :o( I’m really angry with the store….I think I’ll never do my shop there!!! No photo because I have no time to make it!!

Apart from the order everything go well….

Oh I nearly forgot… I have built a very simple website where I show :

My Wish List

My Top Five

My To Do List

I have put the links to those pages on the right bar of my blog….if you want to give a cursory glance you are welcome :o)

Friday, February 10, 2006

...Cross Stitcher& SBQ&Flip it...

Some little progress on February Flip it Stamp…blocked by the lack of floss (I hope on a trip to Italy)…

Finally February Cross Stitcher is arrive and it is really nice!!

In this issue I like very much:
Exclusive: Celandine Flower Faires (by DMC)
Happy Valentine's day (by Margaret Sherry)
Bouncing babies & buttons
London calling especially the doubledecker
Hello Archie!: I love you (by Margaret Sherry)
And the free gift has a wonderful colour!! And it will be useful to retain the pattern on my X—stitch bag…

Today's was suggested by Nancy and is:

Describe your "perfect" project. (Include the designer or specific pattern, the fabric, the floss, and anything else that would make that project "perfect" for you.)

My perfect Projects:

The pattern: Margaret Sherry’s or Lizzie Kate’s
The fabric: Aida 14ct maybe hand dyed
The floss: DMC all available in my floss box
The place: a chair under sun lighting near a little table (to rest the floss)
The atmosphere: a light background music
…and most important a lot of time just for me and my stitching!!!!

I’m happy not to be the only crazy and paranoid stitcher…
Zohrah Adam is great!!!’s wonderful to be a NEEDLE MUM I think that Alice will agree with him!!
Sure Cindy you can be my online friend!! :o) I’m happy of it!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hurrah!!It's arrive!! It's arrive Cross stitcher it's arrive!! My mum phone me a minuts ago and tell me this wonderful news!!! Hurrah!!

...long wait & SBQ....

After a long wait...finally I know something about my order!!! Well they tell me that the fabric I have ordered come from New Zealand and they are waiting for it but my floss are ready so I decide to delete the fabric from the order and receive only the floss….I hope they arrive soon!! I must say that they can tell me of the long waiting when I did the order!!! Now I have waited for a month a fabric to start my Mirabilia and now I have nothing :o( ….when I find the time I’ll go to my LNS and I hope to find the right fabric for the design

(I’ll be content myself, I’m really tired to wait for something… I’m still waiting for my February Cross Stitcher issue… I’m paranoid: everyday the first thing I do when I arrive at home is to control the mail box to search my magazine and every day I feel let down, sometimes I phone to my mum to ask her if there is any post for me… my mum said I’m crazy for cross stitch….and I think this is true !!!) :o)….is there anyone around crazy as me?

This is a very busy week for me at work an the next one will be worse!!! So little stitch for me (only the frame of the February flip it stamp…) and little (or better nonexistent) blog reading!!!

Last week I forgot to answer the :

With the exception of your online stitching friends, do you have any other stitching buddies?

Unfortunately no buddies for me near home, I have some friend who stitch but occasionally…and they are no x stitch addict!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

...Hand towel & Howl....

This week end I applied myself to the exchange hand towel and I finished it!!! I’m quite satisfied of the end results…but this is the last time I use Aida14 it’s too big!!! By now I can show you only the gift wrapping…

No more stitching for me this week end… on those days I was quite feed up… I’m very angry with the Reggio Emilia Post that don’t deliver the mail on time…I haven’t received my Cross Stitcher February number yet :o( I’ll stitch the S. Valentine card next year!!!….and I’m really angry with the Us shop where I have ordered the floss and the fabric….they haven’t send me anything yet…and I done the order one month ago….so I’m blocked with two stitching projects: Clown (I need the floss) and Touching the Autumn Sky (to start I need the fabric!!!)…I wrote to the sales office and I hope they reply soon otherwise I delete my order!!!!!
Saturday evening we saw a very lovely animation movie “Howl’s moving castle” , the pictures are really well done and the story is attractive…a very good movie!!

PS: Thank you very much of all your kind comments....they make me very happy :o)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

…January Flip it Stamp…

With a little late yesterday evening I finished my January Lizzie Kate Flip it Stamp…I enjoy very much to stitch it it’s very quick and relaxing!!! I’m itching to start February stamp…:o)

Finally yesterday my Cross Stitcher December issue is arrived…better late than never( when I wrote to Cross Stitcher they are very kind a send me a new copy immediately)…it’s a lovely number I love especially Archie Bear (it has a really sweet expression!!) Elliot and Button free kit and Say A Little Prayer …

Thank you for all the kind comment on my hen …Angie asked me if I hade named her …well I think I’ll name her “Cesarina” as the hen protagonist of a child song I love very much!!!

I realize that in my answer I have forgotten to mention my favourite movie: Kill Bill VOL I and II …it was unpardonable :o)