Sunday, October 29, 2006


A very quick post to show you my Garfield Sagittarius for Levistrix charity project finished:

And my progress on Winter Peace SAL (deadline 31 October…):

this photo show you my great mistake of this week….I screw up to stitch the curve line over the snowmen and I notice it at this (show in the photo) moment of the stitching…I have to undo all my stitch…sig…sob

Have a nice week end!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

....Still Alive....

I'm still alive ;o) with some photos to share...

First of all x-stitch update..

The first x-stitching deadline of this month is done: the autumn envelope for the EMS Italian Mail art Exchanged is done and Blinne has already received it. I choose a San Man Original old freebies (no longer available) and I put in the envelope some supplies and some Halloween sweets for Blinne’s sons.

Now I’m working on the second October deadline…The Sagittarius of Garfield Zodiac for Levistrix Charity Project…I had to finish it by the end of october.

Then I have to stitch by the end of October the October Flip-it for the Dolci Fusa Blocs Club SAL and Winter Peace by Sister and Best Friend...mission impossible..we will see ;o)

Other news:

About the State Exam…I’m studying unwillingly…but I’m studying ;o)

About the renovations of my new home….the works run smoothly… last week I took some photos (I have few photos because the bricklayer gave me such a look I stopped to take them…maybe tomorrow I will take more photos) here you can see the outward appearance of the house (my flat is on the second floor), my destroyed kitchen and my living room….

Thank you for all your kind and encouragement comments….
Have a nice week end :o)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

...EMS Secret Pal Exchange....

This is a very busy period: I have thousand things to do at work, we are remodelling our new house :o) so we are busy with bricklayers, hydraulic and electrician, I have to study for my State exam that will be at the end of November :o(, I have a lot of x-stitch deadline and I hope I won’t miss anything and on top of all this we have organized a little trip to London for next month… so I’ll have a few time to update my blog and to read yours…:o(

A quick post to show you the marvellous gift I received from Margaret for EMS Secret Pal exchange …she choose Home as theme…perfect for my actual occupation ;o) She sent me a neddle case , an home kit and an hand towel with a home border…I love all of them Thank you Meg-r!!!

And this is my gift for Dunia 77 for the same exchange

Happy stitching to everyone :o)