Monday, January 30, 2006

...tagged by Zohrah..

I’ve been tagged by Zohrah…so thank you Zohrah!!!

Here are the rules: remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone else up a notch. Then add yours to the bottom spot. Like this:
Casserole of my life
Recent Runes
Chiara’s Loft

Then select 5 people to be tagged:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was 14 almost 15 years old…so I was at the first year of high school an I was fighting with my father to buy a scooter….I won!! :o)

Five snacks you enjoy.

  1. Sandwiches
  2. Chips
  3. Chocolate
  4. Hamburger
  5. Yoghurt

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now.

  1. Jovanotti(ITA)- Mi fido di te
  2. Max Pezzali(ITA)-Gli anni
  3. Vasco(ITA)- Alba Chiara
  4. Ligabue (ITA)- Piccola Stella Senza Cielo
  5. U2- One

Five things you would do if you had one million dollars.

  1. I’ll buy a wonderful house for me and my family…
  2. I’ll never come back to work…I’l stay at home with my family and my hobbies..
  3. I’ll make a long trip all around the world…
  4. I’ll buy all the stitching supplies and magazine I want..
  5. I’ll pay someone who irons for me :o)

Five bad habits.

  1. I ‘m untidy
  2. I Don’t made my bed.
  3. I have no patience
  4. I speak in a loud voice
  5. I make a million of things in the same time….

Five things you like doing.

  1. Cross-stitching
  2. Reading stitching blogs and e-mail
  3. Read story to Alice
  4. Shopping.
  5. Eating.

Five things you would never buy, wear or get new again.

  1. I’ll never wear tanga
  2. I’ll never wear or buy a furs
  3. I’ll never buy a motorbike

Five favourite toys.

  1. Lego
  2. Barbie
  3. ….i Don’t remember…


Von said...

Hi Chiara! Both you and Ali B tagged me and I've answered finally :)

Isabelle said...

Hi Chiara! Thank you for tagging me! ;) San tagged me last week... And I just answered, how funny! :)