Monday, January 09, 2006


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is come out in Italian at last!!! I read it in one breath….I finished it last night at 2.47 a.m, now I’m sleepy but it was really worth it!!!It’s marvellous but really sad!!!

Unfortunately holidays are finished!!!
Today we have unmade the Christmas tree and the nativity…I feel quite sad :o(
The return to work and school is hard!!! I hope next holiday will arrive soon :o)

I have started stitching the farm animals by Margaret Sherry, I start with the HEN I think it’s really nice….


Kali said...

Fabulous you got to read HP finally :) I absolutely loved it although I was a bit bummed at the ending

Elanor said...

Whoa, you were very patient, I bought HP in english on the release day in Switzerlang even if I was travelling to london this morning. I could have bought it cheaper in the UK but by the time we landed I had already read half of it :p

Gaya said...

Also I pre-ordered it on amazon and received it in english, just couldn't wait!
You have a really nice blog, and your choice of cross stitch charts is pretty, they are just the ones I chose when I was still stitching... I really should start again, I have so many Ufo's hidden around!