Wednesday, January 04, 2006

...Seasons and Cross Stitcher

It’s great to be on holiday!!! :o)..I don’t want to come back to work!!! :o(
This is my first holiday in the true sense of the world…before my holiday was always spoil by the study now, as I have finished university , I can relax myself and spent all the time with my DD and my hobbies stitching, reading and shopping!! Fabulous!!

Today i have my first happy dance of 2006!!
I have finished the free pattern called Seasons by San Man Originals…
in the original design the snowman nose is a carrot button, as I haven’t a carrot button I draw it by myself…I’m not totally happy about it…but in its entirity is not too bad :o)

I stitch it to make a daily calendar for Alice DD so she can learn the time: day, week, month and season. I put the aida into a cardboard frame where I glued the calendar…I stuff the aida with cotton to ticken the pattern…and this is the end result:

Today it’s arrived Cross Stitcher January issue…

It’s strange that it’s arrived today:
  • I haven’t received December number yet
  • and usually I received the current number of the magazine a long time later it come out in England…

well I hope that December issue will arrive sooner or later….

Now I enjoy the January number, I like:

  • Eeyore gift set: I’ll stitch for my sister it’s are favourite Winnie the Pooh characters

  • Eeyore and Friend, unfortunately the treads are special Disney treads :o(

  • When I’m an Old Cat: (I like the cat but I don’t like the crystral bell)

  • Funky Floral cards…the pot are really fanciful

  • Hello Archie with Spot the dog


Isabelle said...

Hi Chiara, the calendar you created for Alice is a wonderful idea and so cute!

Enjoy your holiday, you have well deserved it :D

Von said...

Hi Chiara!! Your calendar is so bright and cheery! I'm sure Alice will be enchanted with it :)

Africa said...

Your calendar is very cute, i love it!! i haven't recived mi current Cross Stitcher issue yet, I hope it'll arrive soon.
Why don you send a e-mail to costumer service? I did it when my Christmas issue didn't arrive.

Carol said...

Congrats on your cute happy dance!!!!!!! And I am so happy your magazine finally arrived - it is terrible having to wait for magazines!

Cindy said...

Love your calendar, Chiara, you did a great job. I have received my CS early this time round too, on 3 Jan 06 :)