Monday, November 07, 2005

...thank you very much!!!...

I’m truly happy you like my chest!!!
Thank you very much for your comments!!!!
To answer:
I haven’t bought the box at IKEA, unfortunately the nearest IKEA is 60 kilometres away!!! (At IKEA there is a similar box…cheaper than mine!!) Sigh…sob…I’ve bought it in a “do-it-yourself” shop in my city….
I’ve made the chest to tidy up my floss…before my thread was stored in several places and with several filing methods.. some keep in skeins, some keep in bobbins (the most useful) and some pre-cut store in cardboard with hole…now I will put all of them ( as they are stored) in the drawers in numeric order…so I hope to lose less time searching the right colour!!!

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Zohrah said...

Look...what I found on Namuelle's site.

You'll be amazed. :)