Thursday, November 24, 2005

...It's snowing...

It’s snowing!!! WOW : ) The snow is falling thickly but for now it doesn’t settle on the ground….
Today is the patronal festival of Reggio Emilia, the patronal of my town is San Prospero.
The folk tale tells that he had saved Reggio Emilia from the barbarian invasion: he prayed for and obtained a blanket of fog that hide our town from the barbarian eyes so they had gone away and our town was safe!!
Today we are at home, all the office are closed and on the middle of the town there are stalls and a lot of attractions…this afternoon there is Santa Claus with his sledge with true reindeer…I would like to take Alice to see them if there isn’t too many snow on the street!!! This is San Prospero church:

At last my Lottie takes shape!!! Now you can see the ballet dress and her shoes!!! Well I think I will be able to finish it on time for Alice birthday!!!
This morning I’ve finished to clear up my floss on my new chess drawers…what a boring work!!! …but I hope to save time when I’ll search a floss in the future!!! There is a compartment empty…I have no floss from 125 to 168 so I have fill it with my floss without number (I have some floss I don’t know what number they are: ( )!!!

Yesterday I found the issue 105 of The World of Cross Stitching in a newspaper kiosk of my town…I’m really happy of it!! Margaret Sherry Santa is wonderful!! I like also Tatty teddy and the two fairies with the name Alice (when I open the magazine and I see this design iìve thought that it will be perfect for my daughter!!!)
Today's was suggested by Kimberly and is:

Do you always sign your projects? If not, why? If so, do you use your first name, initials or what?

Well usually I sign my project with my first name, I make a signature rather small so that it won’t be too much garish and it will remain quite hidden, I don’t like signature very loud!!

Thank you for all your kind comment!!!

Anneke ..I’m stressed about my graduation thesis…I have a lot of work to do a few time to do it…i have to deliver it at the beginning of next week!! Yesterday I come home at 8 pm…i’ve spent all the afternoon with my teacher to revise my thesis and he has changed totally two chapter!!….today I have to re-write them and send them to him before this evening so he can do another revise…arg haw many thing!!!
…Cross Stitcher take 21 days from the UK publication date to arrive to my home…really a lot of time!!

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