Wednesday, November 16, 2005

…My favourite things…

Christine has asked on her blog in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Sound of Music what our favourite thing are… The Sound of Music is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Being as it is one of my favorite musicals of all time, as a small homage, here are my favorite things...I love very much this film, I and my sister have seen it several time (I think 2 time every year) we know by heart all the songs…and we like better “My favourite things”!!! So I’m very happy of this tag!!

So my favourite things are:

  • get under the freshly laundered blankets;
  • stay at home when outside it’s raining;
  • the cuddle of the Saturday morning in the double bed;
  • the drawings of my daughter;
  • our messy home;
  • yours comments!!
  • when something for me arrive in the mail….
  • the dinners with all the family assembled and all our talking point!!
  • sunflowers;
  • green grass;
  • and many other.....

Danielle ..the celebration of my degree will be on 13 December (the day is nearly here!!)

Jenn, San... thank you for your advices about loop method...I will follow them...


Zohrah said...

I have to do this too....when I squeeze my time. I watch the show 13 times and my favourite dream destination is Austria due to The Sounds of Music. Julie Andrews and cute hair and golden voice. Ahhhh...I wish I can see her in person and hugs her. So adore the lady.

Zohrah said...

Christine link is wrong...when I click had your URL on it.

Christine Doyle said...

Oo! Sunflowers! I need to add that one, too! lol - there are so many great lists out there! Thanks for adding yours!