Wednesday, May 24, 2006

…My SBEBB Melanie’s Exchange Piece for Patti….

This is a really busy period at work so no time for stitching and no time to read other stitching blogs…I miss it a lot!!!

Yesterday Patti received my SBEBB Melanie’s Exchange Piece so I can show you a photo of my work. This is an exchange made up of two parts:
In the first part of the exchange I received from Jenna this supplies: some peach beads and a six strand sweet peach skeins of floss. With this supplies I have to stitch something for Patty.

I have decided to stitch this Erica Michael freebie (now I have notice that Patti has choosen to stitch the same design for her partner…lol…). I stitch it on a white linen…then I have to decide how to finish it…the first idea is to make a little bag made of chenille but my style consultant (my DH) doesn’t like the result…so I changed type of clith and I tried to make a little jute bag but I make a great mistake I sewed the front of one side with the back of the other side…what a disaster…at the end I decide to make a box with cartonnage I use a green fairy paper I bought same time ago And I quite satisfied by the en result!!! Patti loves her box and the goodies I send her so I’m really happy :o)

Exchanges are wonderful experiences!!


Isabelle said...

Wow Chiara, your box is wonderful! You included lovely matching goodies as well :)

Zohrah said...

I love the way you finished it into a box...absolutely lovely...and wonderful goodies.

Von said...

Congratulations on a very successful exchange, Chiara!! The box is gorgeous.

Africa said...

Very beautiful!!Congratulations

AnneS said...

Sorry for the very late post ... just wanted to say I think your Melanie's exchange for Patti was wonderful - it looks fantastic made into a box ... very very clever idea! :D