Wednesday, May 03, 2006

...Back to blog...

I’m back to blog after a series of long week end:
  • Easter week end: 3 days;
  • 25th April (National Liberation Day) week end: 4 days
  • 1st May (Labour Day) week end: 3 days

It’s wonderful to have so many holidays so close but the work days among this week end are very hard and very busy….well stop complaining!!!

We spent the last two week end in Pinarella (a seaside resort on the Adriatic) we have a caravan up here from May to September….well on Saturday we went to see the 26th International kite show at Cervia (near Pinarella)…it was an incredible sight!!!

We bought a little Winnie Pooh kite for Alice DD….she had a great time with it!!!...also my DH had a great time!!

I bought also a silk purple scarf and a little bag for my cross stitch work….I like very much the picture on it!!

In this week I work on my Melanie Exchange piece…so no photo for it….no other substantial stitching progress for me…I’m not much productive in this period :o(

Thank you to vEr0n!c@ for her helpfulness…my RR cloth is on the way of Malaysia so that she can complete it!!

Thank you to Coral and Jenn for your Happy Birthday wishes…

Thank you for all your comment on my Archie….

For Isabelle at last we eat all those boiled eggs….my mum make a big mixed salad with it :o)

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Nela said...

que bellas petacas.... a mi me encanta elevar volantines o petacas o papagallo, son hermosos