Sunday, May 14, 2006

...Happy Mother Day...

Happy Mother Day to all the mothers who read my blog!!
Today in Italy is Mother Day so i spent my last day stitching the Tina Wenke free kit of Cross Stitcher march issue for my mum…i make a card for her she love it very much and want to frame it!!!

This stitching work has had a tormented manufacturing….we were at the seaside this week end in our caravan (we came back this morning for the awful weather :o(.. )…I bring with me my free kit with one needle and my scissor…yesterday Alice DD shaking her soap bubble flooded my magazine and the free card :o(…last night it was pouring so half asleep I go to save my work from the rain and I took it into the caravan…this morning I notice that I have lost the needle and the treads…fortunately after a one hour research i find the needle and the treads and I can finish my work to give it to my mum on time….At school Alice DD has made a wonderful perfumed candle for Mother Day…she is very proud of her work and I like it very much!!

Have a nice week!!!

Danielle I will surely continue this English blog I love it and all your comments …I have decided to make a twin Italian blog (the mini poll have a great success) and today I want to open it officially!!! Welcome to "Il loft di Chiara"


Isabelle said...

This is a lovely card, Chiara! No wonder your Mom loves it so :) and one really cannot see how painful the process was ;)

Happy Mother's Day to you! :)
And congrats on creating your Italian blog :) Hope you get lots of new readers and Italian comments! :)

Isabelle said...

Oh! And you have to show us Alice's candle for you! She always makes great things :)

laura said...

Your mother is gonna be very happy with this beautiful card.

Von said...

Doesn't it make you feel wonderful to know your mom loves the card you made her!!
Hope your Mother's Day was great!

Gorgoglio said...

Ciao ho guardato il tuo blog italiano ma permette i commenti solo agli utenti di blogger, sarebbe possibile aprirli anche a chi usa un'altra piattaforma come hai fatto per questo blog? Grazie