Friday, February 10, 2006

...Cross Stitcher& SBQ&Flip it...

Some little progress on February Flip it Stamp…blocked by the lack of floss (I hope on a trip to Italy)…

Finally February Cross Stitcher is arrive and it is really nice!!

In this issue I like very much:
Exclusive: Celandine Flower Faires (by DMC)
Happy Valentine's day (by Margaret Sherry)
Bouncing babies & buttons
London calling especially the doubledecker
Hello Archie!: I love you (by Margaret Sherry)
And the free gift has a wonderful colour!! And it will be useful to retain the pattern on my X—stitch bag…

Today's was suggested by Nancy and is:

Describe your "perfect" project. (Include the designer or specific pattern, the fabric, the floss, and anything else that would make that project "perfect" for you.)

My perfect Projects:

The pattern: Margaret Sherry’s or Lizzie Kate’s
The fabric: Aida 14ct maybe hand dyed
The floss: DMC all available in my floss box
The place: a chair under sun lighting near a little table (to rest the floss)
The atmosphere: a light background music
…and most important a lot of time just for me and my stitching!!!!

I’m happy not to be the only crazy and paranoid stitcher…
Zohrah Adam is great!!!’s wonderful to be a NEEDLE MUM I think that Alice will agree with him!!
Sure Cindy you can be my online friend!! :o) I’m happy of it!!!


Jenn said...

Your L*K stamps are coming along nicely. I ordered fabric to do mine last week and I'm just waiting for it to show up. I had to order it as I didn't have anything big enough in my stash to stitch it on. :( Hope it arrives soon. :)

Heather said...

Your L*K flip it is coming along nicely :)