Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Hi to everyone….

In those days I’m working hard on my clown to finish it until 21 February when I have to send it to Levi I’m quite late due to the delay of the order I have done…the floss aren’t at my home yet and to finish my clown I buy it here in Italy!!! What a nuisance!!! :o( I’m really angry with the store….I think I’ll never do my shop there!!! No photo because I have no time to make it!!

Apart from the order everything go well….

Oh I nearly forgot… I have built a very simple website where I show :

My Wish List

My Top Five

My To Do List

I have put the links to those pages on the right bar of my blog….if you want to give a cursory glance you are welcome :o)


Von said...

I hope you get your supplies very soon!!
I enjoyed looking at your new website. :D

Dawn said...

I know how frustrating it can be waiting for supplies to arrive. I am still waiting on some MH beads to arrive that I ordered (and reordered) a couple of months ago.

Have a wonderful weekend!

AnneS said...

Isn't it annoying to not receive your order? Soooo disappointing ... Great to see your new website links too - looks good, and a really good idea! :)

Carol said...

Just dropping by to say hi - Hi Chiara!!

Chiara said...

Complimenti per i ricami e il tuo blog!

Gaya said...

Ciao Chiara, non c'entra nulla con questo post, ma la settimana scorsa da co import ho visto le tazze con i soggetti del ricmao che stai facendo di Margaret Sherry. Ci sono maiale, gallina e mucca, costavano 2,50 euro direi. Ho pensato che magari poteva farti piacere saperlo, tra l'altro è uan catena con negozi un pò ovunque. Ciao