Saturday, December 30, 2006

...last happy dance of 2006…

I would like to show you the last happy dance for 2006: Somebunny to love from The last number of the world of Cross Stitching.

I stitch it on a piece of Aida I have hand dyed with English Breakfast tea…this was the first I hand dyed a fabric and I love the end results. I finished it in a little pillow made following the instruction on Bea website…I’m very satisfied of my work even if It’s quite crooked ;o)

I finished also the winter peace piece making a wall panel…also this is very crooked :o(

Before Christmas I finished the cat from MS (free kit from Cross Stitcher) and I fix it on my
refrigerator ….it’s a great ornaments for Christmas…

An other year is gone…since this is an x-stitch blog it’s time for an x-stitch balance:
12 piece for me o for some friend
10 flip it stamp (I hope to finish the rest ASAP)
6 exchange piece (3 mail art)
2 piece for charity project
3 piece for Round Robin
Grand Total: 33 piece (all small and medium size)…since I started blogging I increase my “x-stitch production“…you and your comments are a great spur :o) Thank you very much!!
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, Chiara!!

You and Alice have such a nice tradition to create the Christmas tree and crib together. Her idea to use the cork for the characters was inspired!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful. I love the bunny decorating the tree! Good job on the pillow and wall hanging! Have a Happy New Year!

stitcherw said...

Somebunny is adorable, and I think you did very well on your finishing. Wow 33 projects done, you were busy. I only managed to get 12 done this year (13 if you count a scarf I knitted), all small to medium in size. Hopefully this coming year I can get a few more than that completed.

AnneS said...

I love your latest finishes - what a wonderful way to finish of the year! Happy New Year to you, Chiara - I hope 2007 is a wonderful one for you and your family :D

Anonymous said...

Your somebunny came out great. You did a great job of dying the aida.

Anonymous said...

I love the pillow - it came out soo cute!!

Anonymous said...

The pillow is beautiful!! Great job!

Happy New Year!

J Rae said...

Love the bunny! Great job on hand dying the fabric. I need to try that some time.

jenny said...

Your Somebunny looks so great on the darker fabric! And I love how you finished it!