Thursday, November 09, 2006

...Back from London...

We are back…London is a marvellous city…I like it very much!!! We were very lucky we have all sunny days….very cold (a you can see from our outfit)but sunny :o)….We walked walked walked to see as much place as we can (I like the view, the parks and the market (Portobello is great!!!) …at the end of the journey we fell done in but happy :o)

I gave me a little x-stitch present from London: the magazine Cross Stitch Favourite…I try to buy also X-Stitch Crazy and Quick And Easy Cross Stitch but unfortunately I didn’t find it ….sob :o(

Before we set out on our journey to London I finished Winter Peace for the SAL of Sister and Best Friend group….this was the first time I use charms to finish my work…and I’m quite satisfied by the end results even if the linen is quite dark and the colours don’t stand out….never mind!!

Now I’m working hard on Janaina Fabric for MS RR to finish my Hen(Fun Farm Animals) before the 15th of November.

The renovations of my home proceed…I have same photos to share:

The bathroom

The new little bathroom

Alice's bedroom

Our bedroom


stitcherw said...

Winter Peace turned out cute, I really like the little snowman wrapped up in his scarf. Glad you had fun on your trip, I enjoyed seeing your colorful pictures. Good luck on the remodeling, it looks like it would be so disrupting that you'd need to do extra stitching to relax from it all. :)

Lynn said...

Oh I LOVE those London pictures!! How fun!! And those open aired markets, those donuts have me salivating! I sympathies with the renovations. It will look great after the fact, but I feel your pain while you are going thru it!!
And thanks for stopping by!