Friday, December 30, 2005

..still alive...

:-( An other virus has infected my computer…I have 2 anti-virus, 1 spyware…it’s hopeless!! I have to format it!! What a damned nuisance!!!:-(

Forget this technical hitch …and move on to serious matter :o)

There isn’t enough hours in the day for me to do all I these days I have a lot of thing to post but no time to do it!!! So I’ll post all of it today :o)

We passed a pleasant Christmas with all the family (grandparents, great grandparents, uncles and aunt)…with a lot of food, a lot of gift and a lot of fun!!
Unluckily at Christmas evening I had a temperature and a sore throat :o(…so I stayed in bed all the evening and all the Boxing Day (Santo Stefano)…blessedly my sister and brother gave me for Christmas Two books of Nick Hornby: About a Boy and High Fidelity so I spent all the day reading…I finished in a day High Fidelity wonderful…I devoured it!!!

I read also a book of Sciascia an Italian author that speak about Sicilian mafia…very interesting but disarming!

Now I’m reading About a Boy and it promises to be a fun book (I adore the movie with Hugh Grant …I love also High Fidelity movie with John Cusack).

This is the Christmas gift Alice DD made at nursery school…there are stars and an Angel of earthen, it’s nice and she was really proud of her work.

At last I’ve finished my TOM MOUSE ORNAMENTS before the end of Christmas, I’m quite satisfied but I have to improve my sew machinery technique…

I have also personalize the 2006 diary of my DH bank, I covered it with a grey felt and put in the middle a pink felt heart as you can see.

Lastly I sewed Alice (my friend) Christmas gift: I have stitch Virgo of Cattitue Oroscope and I finished it in a little bag...she loved it :O)

She gave me as a gift this box stitched by her for my’s wonderful!!

Now I'm stitching a free pattern called Seasons by San Man Originals, I personalize it to match my need...I would like to put it on a calendar for my DD and liner is too long so I make a square then I change color from OLDE WILLOW TREADS (i hav no treads of this kind)to DMC.


Isabelle said...

Hello Chiara! Sorry about the computer troubles...
Your finishes and gifts are all lovely! Congratulations. I especially love that cute little Tom Mouse finished into a cushion ornament... Congratulations on all those finishes!

Kali said...

Love the Finishes. Sorry to hear about the computer. If you're having that much trouble you should look into a firewall. Mine seems to do well by me.

Carol said...

I'm so sorry to hear you were ill on the holiday!! Your finishes and your new start are just lovely!!

Jenn said...

Sorry that you were sick. :( I hope your feeling better now. I started Tom Mouse for a friend for Christmas - I was going to make him into a card - but, I ran out of time. I'll finish him and just hold it till next year.

Von said...

Oh Chiara! These computers are such a curse at times! I do hope you get all the problems straightened out quickly and easily. I also hope you are feeling better today! How nice that you had some lovely entertainment while you were resting :)

Elanor said...

I'm sorry about you computer, I know this kind of thing can be so much troubles (my iPod died last week and I'm still re-uploading the 3000 songs I had on it on the new I had to bought...)

The Tom Mouse ornament is lovely and the cat is so cute, I'm jealous of your friend! Congratulations and I wish you a Happy New Year!