Tuesday, December 06, 2005

....Late Lottie....

With three days of late I have finished Happy Birthday Lottie for my DD Alice…..it was a struggle but but it was worth it!!!

The aida was too many fine and doing the backstitch has been really hard!!! Now I have to put the pattern in this frame I’ve bought I would like to paint it

What colour do you suggested?
I think to use light blue and to add the silver stars you can see in the photo what do you think?
Any suggestion is welcomed I’m quite wavering on what to do..
It took a long time because of a loot of little misfortune:
Friday evening I couldn’t’ work on it…I’ve forgotten that I have to help my mother to mould “CAPELLETTI” (see photo) for Alice Birthday Party. CAPELLETTI are a kind of Italian “PASTA” stuffed with meat, they are very good :).

Saturday was Alice birthday and I was ill I got temperature ….what a bad luck!!! so I stayed in bed all the afternoon and the evening…:(
On Sunday there was Alice Party with all the grandparents…and I was still sick!! I took an aspirin and the in got up and worked for the Party…Luckily everything go well and Alice was really happy for the whole thing: all the present she received, the cake, the balloon and the decoration!!

Luckily Sunday evening I get well and I can stitch on Lottie…
Last week I went to Bologna ( a city near Reggio Emilia) and I bought my first 2005 Christmas Ornaments …I think they are lovely..

I thought that re-reading a book could be boring instead it’s still wonderful!!!! It go over very well!!

I have just delivered my degree thesis!!! WOW now I have to make the power point show then I’ve finished.... finally!!!


siouxsiesweets said...

its so beautiful , what a wonderful gift, congrats on your stitching well done!!

Carol said...

Oh....... your Lottie turned out soooo cute! Congratulations!

Danielle said...

Everything looks wonderful!! Yummy cake and pasta. I am sure Alice must have loved it. I love the shape of the frame--the design is very sweet!!! And congrats--only a few more days til you officially get your degree--Yahoo!

Maggie Ann said...

Your stitching is lovely! I like to cross-stitch but don't often take the time to do it. I've enjoyed visiting your blog! I've come by from my friend Isabelles.