Tuesday, March 21, 2006

...Mail art and SBQ...

First day of Spring….not here!!! Here is autumn :o( !!!

It’s a long time since I post last time but the time is always little (the question is to stitch or to post…and I have chosen to stitch several time!!:o) and last week I was ill again…this year is a tragedy!!! I’m always sickly :o( I hope that hot days arrive soon!!!

This week I work on my SBEBB Spring Exchange…and it’s almost finished!!!

As Bea,my secret partner in EMS Italian Mail art exchange, has received the envelope I stitch for her I can share the photo of my work (this is my first envelope and working on it was quite hard): the theme was Saint Valentine or Spring so I choose a Lizzie&Kate some pattern from “Sunshine Crossing” I enclose some gift for Bea a Gentle art floss and a piece of an heart pattern for her quilt:

Some progress for the March Flip It…I like this Irish design!!!

Today(Last week)'s SBQ is:

Do you stitch "over one?" If so, describe your experiences. If not, have you considered it?

No I have never stitched over one….aida 18 is quite hard enough for me and my eyes!!!


Carol said...

Hi Chiara - I love your mail art!!! It is autumn in Italy? Or is it just that the temps feel that way?? I am a bit confused...

Dawn said...

Your mail art is wonderful! I need to try making one myself.

Your LK Flip it is looking great, too!

Jenn said...

Your mail art is so pretty! Your L*K flip-it looks great. I decided to change the fabric on mine while I was still doing the border. *blush* So now I'm just waiting for the new fabric to arrive. I can't wait to start on it.

Africa said...

Hi chiara!! I love your mail art!!I never do it.And your L&K looks very well.Here the weather looks like winter, it's raining a lot.
I hope you feel better.

Mylene said...

I love your mail art Chiara!! It is soooo beautiful!!

Heather said...

Beautiful mail art piece.

Von said...

Chiara, your mail art is just the sweetest!!
I'm confused too! You say you are Italian, but I guess that's not where you live, lol!

Isabelle said...

Hi Chiara, you did such a great job on Bea's mailart! And i just LOVE the fabric you included :D

I know what you mean about the weather feeling like Autumn: it's the same here in Paris! Come Spring, come!!

Lelia said...

Lucky Bea! Beautiful envelope!! and gifts tucked inside.

AnneS said...

Your mail art for Bea is absolutely beautiful - you did a great job! :D

Anonymous said...

ciao chiara,davvero bella la busta di arte postale!
Avresti per favore qualche dritta da darmi per la realizzazione della busta?
che dimensioni ha?
come si chiude? Non vedo bottoni, ne' fioccheti.... ho una voglia pazza di farne una, grazie alle tue foto!
molto bello il soggetto che hai scelto!!!!!!