Saturday, March 11, 2006

…EMS Italian mail art exchange…

Last Thursday I received my envelope from my partner of EMS Italian mail art exchange. This wonderful mail is made by Blinne…It is really gorgeous, isn’t it? I like it very much…congrats Blinne you made a great job and you have chosen a perfect subject, I worship this design!!! Thank you very much Blinne!!Giovedì scorso ho ricevuto una stupenda busta dap arte di Blinne per lo scambio di arte postale del forum EMS….è letteralmente favolosa!!! E il disegno che Blinde ha scelto è uno dei miei preferiti!! Grazie mille Blinne!!
And that’s not all!!The envelope was full of gift:
Two DMC metallic floss and a stitchable key ring for me…I’m itching to use them :o)
A pink necklace and some red heart button for Alice from Blinne’s DD…She likes them very much, she wears the necklace all the day!!!
Thanks to both of you!!! You are very Kind!!
E non è tutto!! La busta era piena di regali:
Due filati metallici della DMC e un portachiavi ricamabile per me; una collana rosa e dei bottoni a forma di cuore per Alice…le piacciono un sacco !!!la indossa tutti i giorni…:o)
Grazie mille siete state gentilissime!!!

This is the mug week!!! Yesterday I went to Bologna for a marketing class, on my way home I stopped at Co-import (thank you Gaya for the tip!!!)and I bought this wonderful cups. What does they suggest to you? I like it very much :o)


Jenn said...

Oohhhh those mugs are so cute! Very MS! :)

Von said...

Beautiful things in the mail! Life is good, Chiara!!
Love your mugs too!

Nela said...

Ay its letter this beautiful one, now a question, as they send it, they sew behind, or they place it within closed other on of paper, and the stamp is single simulation?
And its cup this beautiful one, they are of the reasons for margaret, where I buy it does not sell by Web, there are cats? of her to my their cats kill to me...

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

That is one beautiful mailart and wonderful goodies too.

Love the cups!! Are you using all 3 of them?

Dawn said...

Wow!! The mailart is lovely. :)

Heather said...

What a lovely mailart piece.

Lelia said...

your new cups are lovely!

Stunning mail art! Those MS designs are charming : )

AnneS said...

Sorry I'm so late in posting a comment - but I wanted to say how much I love your mail art exchange envelope - just lovely :)

Elena said...

chiara le tazze sono favolose!!!
anche i ricami