Monday, September 26, 2005

....what a busy monday...

I'm just came back home from my first basket training, I'm exhausted!!! Tomorrow I will li in bed all the day!!!!If only it were true!!!

There are only two days before my exam....I have to study!!!I'm quite terrified..the last exam if i won't pas it I won't take the degree in December!!ARG...What an awful prospect!!! I hope everything will go well!!

Further Alice, my daughter, is hill from saturday( she has hold on for three weeks of nursery school! A RECORD!!!). She has ear infection and a sore throat, poor!!! Today I have taken her to the doctor so antibiotics for a is going to be a very long long week...

Whatever more!!... Ah yes no cross stitch yet....i have closed my work in the cross stitch bag on the wardrobe so that I'm nottempet to stitch...I have to study.....there's been enough studing!!!

Now good night...i'm going to have dinner......finally!!!


Bea said...

Hi Chiara!!
You're welcome! Finally I added your link, now it's on my blog.

Danielle said...

Hi Chiara,
I found your blog via Bea! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Thanks for sharing your stitching! :)