Friday, September 23, 2005

Finally it's arrived!!!

Finally the October number of Cross stitcher it's arrived to my home...
I'm starting to think it won't ever arrive. It's was really worth to wait so a long time !!! Thera are some marvellous design inside!! Expecially those of Margaret Sherry( 12 days of Christmass)!!! And the calendar i really nice I'will hang up it on my home!!
I'm itching to stitch all the 12 subject but I have very few time....I have my last exam at university next week and I have to write my graduation thesis for next December..and i have no absolutely desire to write it..I would like to stitch...
Now I'm stitching MS's Cattafiddle form my sister (she has started to play fiddle so i want to make a folder for her music with the cat in front).
Till today I have stitch this part of the design:

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