Monday, February 05, 2007

...Still alive...

I’m back from a long absconding :o)

In the past weeks I would like to post something but I didn’t find any time to do it… That was a very busy period at work and at home...I work all day at the pc and at evening I didn’t fell like to use the computer anymore….the new home is proceeding, and it’s very time and patience consuming… every day there is a new trouble to solve… now I can see the light of day but there are more things to do :-(….We hope to move in March or latest in April…(I hope to show you some photos soon).

In the last week I tried to add emoticon to my post thanks to this link it works :-D….I would like to use the emoticon of the previous post instead o this one but I’m not able to change the image… any suggestion?

Now x-stitch…

First of all I would like to show you my winter envelope for EMS mail art exchange.

This is the envelope I made for Elisa, I choose a snowmen from an old Italian Magazine and I stitch it on a silkweavers sparkle fabric I bought years ago. I’m quite satisfied by the and as Elisa likes it I’m very happy :o)

And this is the envelope I received from Denise, I love it very much it’s marvellous. And the treads she sent me are lovely. Thank you Denise!!!

Ems Italian Mail art exchange is officially finished for me I have to say I enjoy it very much…I never made cross stitch envelope before and I have to say it’s amusing!!: I received 4 wonderful envelope and some wonderful gift…Thank you very much to all my partner :-D

Last week end I applied myself to decoupage this is my products for Alice DD:

a star photo frame:

and a box, I fall in love with this wonderful drawing by SIA and I bought some paper napkin to make something for Alice at the beginning of January during our trip to Brunico, in that occasion I bought also a lovely Jew’s harp for Alice with the same princess:

Yesterday evening I finished the November flip it…I have already start the dicember one I hope to finish it this evening I’m rather tired of the flip it style…I need a break from those part full of x (the month name is terrible!!!)

Finally I have made a visual list of my next x-stitch project for the 25 piece challenge (in addition to this I’ll add only charts from the next issue of the magazines I‘m subscribed):

Check of my beginning year stitching goal:

1.Finish my started project before I’ll start a new one:

  • MS fun farm animal DONE
  • Lizzie Kate flip it stamp DONE THE NOVEMBER ONE
  • Curious Cat
  • Mirabilia Touching The Autumn Sky (maybe I’ll stat some project contemporaneously)
  • The tatty teddy is officially and UFO

2. Finish all RR and Exchange:

  • EMS Italian Mail art Exchange DONE
Have a nice week!!


Jenn said...

Your mail art snowman is so cute. Congrats on your L*K Nov finish. I know what you mean about the month name being a pain to stitch. I think that's why I do it right after the border each month.

I love some of the pieces you are doing in your challenge. Can you tell me who the 2 little girls above Archie bear rolling are by? I've never seen them before and they are SO cute.

sammyjo said...

i love the envelope you made it so cute and looks brill on the sparkle fabric.:)

Carol said...

Congratulations on your finish - it is so nice to see you back again :-) I look forward to updates on your move!

stitcherw said...

Welcome back, missed seeing your postings. You've certainly been busy. I really like the mail art, that is so unusual. The little snowman is adorable.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I love Igon....pretty cool with the sonic sound. :-)

I have the computer wizard design in my stash. Maybe I should dig that one out and start stitching.

Dawn said...

The snowman is so adorable! Wonderful job on everything.

elenamac said...

tutti lavori molto belli!!
Carinissima la busta che hai ricevuto da Denise! Ti ricordi il nome dello schema di MS?