Friday, August 25, 2006

...MSRR and SBQ...

Yesterday I decided to finish my Archie so that I can send it to Melissa before the week end…I finished it yesterday night at 1.30 am… so today I’m sleepy but satisfied !!!

The envelope with my MS RR cloth and the RR necessities is gone to USA…I hope it will arrive safe and sound….

I’ve sent also my Italian mail art exchange piece…to its new home…

After several question missed I re-start to answer regularly…at least I will try ;o)

Today's SBQs was suggested by Anna M. and is:

What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when traveling?

Usually I put the chart, floss, needle and scissor into this little bag I bought last june.

Have a nice week end…


elenamac said...


manekineko said...

Hello Chiara

Maybe you would like to send a cross stitch work to my mail art project?

It would be the first of its kind!

Von said...

You've knocked several things off your to do list - hurray! They're all great. :D