Friday, July 14, 2006

...Once again&x stitch...

Allow me to celebrate our win once again!!
Here 2 photos of Alice DD on Sunday evening after the match!!

I would like to show you my progress on Vale’s cloth of RR NOSTRO….I’ll bring it with me this week and I hope to finish it!!

Some purchases for me:
A new magnet for my refrigerator…I bought it in a Argentine shop of my city…I think it’s adorable, don’t you?

and 2 pins of the Imperfect Back Stitching Club founded by Levi. This is a perfect club for the back of my stitching…It’s quite imperfect, also my DH has noticed it :o(

Next week I’ll be on Holiday with my family at Pinarella….I’m happy I need some holiday!!!!
Have a nice week end and an happy week!!!

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natty68 said...

Have a good holiday and congratulations on the World Cup.

How about stitching the Italian flag in honour of wininning :)