Tuesday, October 13, 2009

..52Q update...

It 's a long time since I show you my card for the art journal I am doing following the 52 questions from Emily's here what you missed (I still miss someone but I can do to recover) E' un pò che non posto le mie carte dell'art journal che sto facendo seguendo le 52 domande di Emily ecco cosa vi siete perse (ne manca ancora qualcuna ma posso farcela a recuperare)

1. week37_back, 2. week37_front, 3. week36_back, 4. week36_front, 5. week27_front, 6. week30_back, 7. week33_front, 8. week29_front, 9. week34_front, 10. week30_front, 11. week28_front, 12. week32_front, 13. week33_back, 14. week27_back, 15. week29_back, 16. week34_back, 17. week28_back, 18. week32_back, 19. week35_front, 20. week26_back, 21. week35_back, 22. week25_f, 23. week23_f, 24. week22_f, 25. week21_front, 26. week25_b, 27. week22_b, 28. week21_back, 29. week23_b, 30. Week20_front, 31. WEEK19_FRONT, 32. q17_front, 33. WEEK19_BACK, 34. q17_back, 35. Week20_back, 36. week29_back
And this is the 52 q I show you in this post:
19. what gives me hope? DONE
20. what is your latest obsession?DONE
21. if you had a free day with NO restrictions...what would you choose to do?DONE
22. which direction am i going?DONE
23. how can i be kinder to myself...?DONE
24. name something you don't understand, but you want to...
25. have i had a hug today DONE
26. on my walls i would writeDONE
27. what have you found lately?DONE
28. what are your favourite days of summer/winter fulled with?DONE
29. do you have a recurring dream?DONE
30. who do you need to thank?DONE
31. what 3 words would someone use to describe me?
32. why did i do that?DONE
33. what are you crossing your fingers for?DONE
34. how do you create your nest?DONE
35. what kind of goddess am i?DONE
36. what do you never want to forget?DONE
37. what sparks my creativity?DONE
38.what are you eating right now?
39.what brings me joy?DONE
40. What am I taking for granted?
41. When you close your eyes and imagine yourself as passionate, giddy, inspired and joyful...what are you doing/creating in that moment?


Kislley said...

Quanto mi piacciono le tue pagine!!! Io sono moooolto più indietro... :(

Kislley said...

ops... sono TOBINA, c'era mio mairto loggato e non mi sono accorta :D