Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We are stewing!!! It’s sultry!!! This is my first working summer and it is hard!! But I have to do it so …Take heart!!! Luckily Alice DD and Luca DH are at the seaside this week…so they get some fresh air!!…but I’m quite sad I miss them…well Friday I’ll reach them at the seaside..

As this week I’m alone at home I would like to apply to my hobby all the time…this is the result:

Very poor, don’t you!?!….I’m full of good intention but the warm and the thousand commitments…don’t help me :o)

This week I received a lot of new supplies for my stash…

First of all the April 2005 issue of Quick and Easy with MS Ballerinas I bought on Ebay

Then my last purchase at Sew and So some Lizzie Kate buttons for my flip it, a white bandaida and some treads…they are very fast in the delivery!!

Last Wednesday SBQ’s question was suggested by Angela and is:

How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?

I have 3 cross stitch book and I use them rarely….I stitch only one project from one of it a Beatrix Potter Sampler never finished :o(


Patti said...

It is so hard to be motivated to work when the weather is hot. It has been warm here too. At least you have the seaside to look forward to this weekend! Enjoy your quiet house.

Nela said...

Hello, desire to invite them to visit my blog Monday, that by reason for birthday of my blog I have a surprise to draw for of gift to my friends

Von said...

Chiara, the weekend is almost here and you can join your loved ones at the wonderfully cool seaside!! Enjoy!